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What is Bariatric Seating?

If you’ve got some extra pounds, you know the struggle of living in a world that seems like it just wasn’t made for you. People come in every shape and size, and some of us may be heavier than others. Doesn’t everyone deserve a comfortable place to sit?
Brewster 750 lb Capacity Bariatric Guest Chair

Some businesses and organizations, most notably medical facilities, are more likely to see visitors who are larger than the average person, ranging from the noticeably overweight to the clinically obese. Waiting areas and treatment rooms in these facilities must have seating that can accommodate these guests—otherwise, they’ll have difficulty fitting into standard chairs, they’ll face discomfort and embarrassment, and they may even be at a safety risk if no seating can support them.

Fortunately, furniture manufacturers have responded to this concern with bariatric seating. Bariatric chairs aren’t just about comfort—they make sure all of your visitors can sit safely and with dignity.

The Ideal Bariatric Chair

Bariatric chairs, with their wide dimensions and high weight capacities, are designed to support the largest and heaviest of people. Bariatric seating should be able to hold a minimum of 275 pounds, but typical bariatric guest chairs can comfortably accommodate people who weigh anywhere from 500 to 800 pounds.

Most bariatric seating is designed with a minimum width of 24 inches across, but chairs as wide as 31 inches are available. Your guests should be able to sit comfortably with armrests, but you can also find bariatric chairs without armrests that leave more room on the sides.

Modern Office has the furniture you need to accommodate every one of your visitors, no matter what size or shape they are. Call us today to discuss your furniture needs with one of our specialists.

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