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Archive for August 2018

How to Bring Industrial Style to Your Workspace

Industrial design hasn’t always been a style; it was just a fact of life. Factories and other open spaces had exposed pipes, utilitarian surfaces, and architecture served a purpose greater than aesthetics. In the last few decades, industrial style has become a trend that’s only growing in popularity, especially in the workplace. Industrial office furniture…

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Key Design Elements of Contemporary Office Furniture

Furniture with sleek lines, simplistic but clean designs, and bold colors are all great ways to transform your office. These contemporary designs are a fresh alternative to the ornate and formal traditional style. Below are a few design tips to help stage your office with a contemporary flair. Desk Designs First, let us tackle arguably…

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Why Choose Solid Wood Conference Tables?

Why Choose Solid Wood Conference Tables? In today’s office furniture market, there are dozens of materials to choose from, including laminate, metal, and solid wood for your conference tables. How do you choose the right work surface for your workspace? While veneer and laminate options can be affordable and look great, solid wood will last…

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Pros and Cons of Standing Height Conference Tables

Standing Height Conference Tables One of the more exciting trends in office furniture today is the advent of the standing and adjustable conference table. These taller desks can easily adjust to participants’ heights to improve focus and increase energy during internal or client meetings. Instead of falling asleep or looking at smartphones during a lunch…

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Alternative Uses for Doctors’ Stools

Doctors’ Stools from Modern Office Furniture If you’re looking for convenience, comfort, and mobility, doctors’ stools from Modern Office Furniture provide a fusion of the three. But these highly adjustable and portable stools can be used by much more than just healthcare professionals. Medical examination stools can be essential in a lab environment, for at-home…

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