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Archive for May 2021

The Best Types of Office Fitness Equipment

Why are we suddenly all talking about the best fitness equipment for the office? During a year when we’ve all been advised to stay in our homes as much as possible, it’s been tough to figure out and maintain a proper fitness routine. Many gyms shut down for months at a time, forcing people to…

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5 Health and Wellness Tips for the Workplace

After a year of working from home, a lot of us developed different habits and routines than we had while working in the office. Working remotely allowed us to take more breaks, go outside for fresh air, and generally spend less time hunched over our computers. As the world begins to open back up again…

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How to Find the Best Office Desk Setup for You

How many times do you get distracted while you work? Do you feel crowded, disorganized, or cramped at your desk? What about your posture—how often do you feel back or neck pain? Whether you’re working from home or in an office building, establishing the best desk setup for you is crucial for productivity and your…

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