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Archive for September 2020

5 Essential Types of Office Furniture for Training

It’s important for companies to have office furniture that makes the training process seamless. Professional training often requires the use of conference rooms, proper seating, and AV carts that carry equipment necessary to present to large groups of people. When training, you shouldn’t have to worry about a lack of furniture getting in the way…

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What is Modular Office Furniture?

Modular office furniture is a set of furniture made up of individual pieces. These pieces can be combined to form one larger piece of furniture or separated and rearranged to create different shapes and layouts. Modern Office sells different types of modular office furniture in a variety of models, shapes, colors, and sizes, from functional…

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Set Up Meetings Efficiently With Flip-Top Tables

Flip-top tables are tables with surfaces that can be flipped vertically. By pulling up on the edge of the flip-top table’s surface, the tabletop can be turned on its side. Flip-top tables are a great option for smaller spaces—when they’re not being used, they don’t take up the space that regular tables do. They can…

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