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Set Up Meetings Efficiently With Flip-Top Tables

Flip top training tables for your conference room

Flip-top tables are tables with surfaces that can be flipped vertically. By pulling up on the edge of the flip-top table’s surface, the tabletop can be turned on its side. Flip-top tables are a great option for smaller spaces—when they’re not being used, they don’t take up the space that regular tables do. They can be useful for hosting meetings in a variety of places, such as office buildings, hotel banquet rooms, and conference halls. Here are some reasons why flip-top training and conference tables make it easier to set up productive meetings.

Create an Instant Meeting Space

Flip-top tables are great for impromptu meetings. Having folding flip-top office tables on hand allows you to transform any area of the office into a work or meeting space. If you need to put a gathering together on short notice, or your meeting is too large for your usual conference rooms, flip-top tables will make it happen. When the meeting is over, fold them back up and put them away to leave the space open until the next time.

Arrange Different Layouts

Since flip-top tables are easy to move around, it’s simple to arrange different meeting room layouts as needed. You can put them in rows for a lecture-style meeting, close together in small pods for collaboration, or in a large square to give everyone at the table room to speak. Getting creative with your table arrangements can also leave space for more people to attend.

Perfect for Training Purposes

Flip-top tables are extremely helpful for training, particularly if employee training sessions are periodic rather than frequent. When you hire new employees or need to train your whole staff on a new procedure, you can set up training space for the length of the session and put it away again when your team resumes their regular duties.

Highly Portable

Folding flip-top tables are portable by design. When folded up, carrying them through doorways isn’t a problem. Some flip-top tables are on wheels, too, making it simple to push them into new arrangements.

A Good Fit for Conference Rooms

Flip-top tables come in a variety of sizes, and some are long enough to be used for conference rooms. Pushing several flip-top tables together to form one conference room table is a smart idea too. If your meeting room already has a traditional conference table, flip-top units can be added to the ends to provide extra seating for larger gatherings.

Ideal for Multipurpose Areas

Outside of the office, flip-top tables are a great fit for places like hotel banquet rooms and conference halls. These businesses rent out rooms for a variety of purposes, from events and parties to conventions, and only some of them require table space. With flip-top tables, a hotel or conference hall can bring in as much seating as they need for their customer’s situation and put it away again instantly, leaving room for a wedding reception or whatever else follows.

Flip-top tables’ mobility and versatility make them a great addition to any office. Check out Modern Office’s selection of folding tables today.

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