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Archive for February 2019

Choosing The Best Work Surface for Your Office

It’s more than just a choice of how many desks you can fit into a space; keeping productivity high means answering the needs of many different kinds of employees or, if you’re shopping for yourself, answering your most intimate professional needs. For your work surface, you should be looking to balance functionality with atmosphere. You…

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The Design Appeal of Roll Top Desks

Elegant and classic, roll top desks look attractive in any home or office setting. Best of all, they provide plenty of space to complete your projects and are neatly kept with organizational compartments and sliding tambour covers. Here’s what you need to know when shopping for your new roll top desk. They’re Historically Significant Roll…

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The Benefits of Top Grain Leather for Your Office Furniture

For most offices, selecting office furniture starts with finding a balance between a unique and professional office look and getting enough pieces to meet your employee’s demand at a fair price. You can get both with top-grain leather. With top-grain leather furniture for your office, you get: Professional, Clean Look for a Professional, Clean Office…

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The Rise in Resimercial Furniture

The resimercial trend, or using residential aesthetics in commercial markets, has been used in more and more offices across the country recently. This trend has taken over workspaces by incorporating more home-like elements, furniture, and designs with open floor plans and increased space for collaboration and relaxation. What was once just an idea or trend…

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