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Archive for August 2020

Why Your Open Office Still Needs Private Spaces

Open floor plans could be the most popular type of office layout in the modern business environment. While having an entirely open floor plan can be useful in collaborative settings, it also has its drawbacks. Many companies have switched to open floor plans, but others have gone back to traditional office settings that allow for…

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Why Hip Chairs Are Helpful

Hip chairs are chairs that are built with high seats to make sitting down and standing up from them easier for people with physical issues. Hip chairs are important to have in settings like doctor’s offices, nursing homes, and physical therapy clinics, and even restaurants, salons, or anywhere with a wide clientele base that could…

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Rolltop Desks: A Classic Choice for Your Office

Nowadays, rolltop desks are often considered to be old-fashioned. However, they’re still an excellent choice if you are looking to elevate your office’s sense of style. With their stately solid wood and their broad, strong structure, they are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional. Here are some reasons why you might want to…

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Safely Reopening Schools And Universities

In the fall, some schools and universities will be reopening their doors to students. When schools reopen, it’s extremely important that we mitigate the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus as much as possible. This will require that everyone involved—students, teachers, and administrators alike—take precautions. When preparing for the reopening of school buildings, consider whether…

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