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Why Hip Chairs Are Helpful

Variety of hip chairs in different colors

Hip chairs are chairs that are built with high seats to make sitting down and standing up from them easier for people with physical issues. Hip chairs are important to have in settings like doctor’s offices, nursing homes, and physical therapy clinics, and even restaurants, salons, or anywhere with a wide clientele base that could include people who have difficulty getting out of regularly designed chairs.

Who Could Benefit from Hip Chairs?

Hip chairs are made for the benefit of people who’ve recently been injured or who suffer from long-term hip injuries. Because of the raised height of a hip chair’s seat, people are able to sit down and stand up from them without difficulty. Take, for example, someone who’s had a hip replacement: the hip chair does not require them to overextend by sitting too low or to overuse the muscles near their hips by having to push themselves out of a regularly raised chair seat. Elderly people, as well, may suffer from a lack of hip flexibility and would benefit from sitting in a chair that is specifically designed for those with hip problems.

Medical Facility Waiting Rooms

It’s a good idea to include accessible furniture in doctor’s or physical therapy offices. In waiting rooms or individual offices, patients do a lot of sitting, and may frequently have to stand up from chairs to fill out forms or participate in physical exams or rehabilitation exercises. By including hip chairs in your office, you will show patients that you care about their comfort at every level.

Corporate Offices

People who suffer from chronic or sporadic hip pain will do best sitting in a chair with a raised seat. In an office setting, employees are sitting most of the day. If an employee with hip pain has no choice but to sit in a chair without raised seating, their pain will only worsen and they will be uncomfortable while at work. If you invest in office seating that reduces the stress on people’s hips, your employees will be happier, feel better, and work more productively.

If you have employees who frequently collaborate with each other, it’s important for them to feel like they can get up and down from their chair whenever they need to go speak with another person. Hip chairs can be used not only at desks but also in break rooms, where your team members should feel their most relaxed.

Retail Environments

In addition to the workplace, hip chairs are a great option in places like restaurants or salons. In restaurants, customers may have to wait before being seated and will be sitting for the duration of their meal. Having comfortable and accessible chairs available for them is nothing short of excellent customer service—you may want to establish a table or two as designated hip chair seating, since the tables will likely have to be higher as well. Similarly, customers spend a lot of time sitting in a beauty salon while getting a haircut or a wax. Using hip chairs will earn your salon a great reputation for accessibility.

Now that you know the benefits of investing in hip chairs, check out Modern Office’s selection. We sell hip chairs in different shapes, colors, and sizes. Don’t let your business go another day without accessible seating for everyone who might walk through your door—order hip chairs today!

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