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Archive for July 2018

Best Practices for Conference Table Power Modules

In today’s fast-paced meeting environment, your conference table needs connectivity and electrical options for every use. If you want to meet everyone’s needs, you’ll need advanced power, USB connectivity, and data, voice, audio, and video connections. You can add advanced technology to even the simplest of conference tables to make it more functional with conference…

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Why You Should Choose a Curved Reception Desk

You may not have given much thought to your office’s reception desk in the past. But the reception area is the first impression visitors get when they walk in to your business. A friendly face and an attractive reception area will help them feel welcome in your workspace. Take some time to choose the right…

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Advantages of Using a Two-Person Desk

Two-person desks are a trending item in office furniture. The idea is simple: it’s a desk that’s intended for use by two individuals. Designs vary, from longer desks with users seated side-by-side, t-shapes, l-shapes, and face-to-face models. While some people may prefer individual desks, there are many benefits to two-person desks. For employers, two-person desks…

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