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Best Practices for Conference Table Power Modules

In today’s fast-paced meeting environment, your conference table needs connectivity and electrical options for every use. If you want to meet everyone’s needs, you’ll need advanced power, USB connectivity, and data, voice, audio, and video connections. You can add advanced technology to even the simplest of conference tables to make it more functional with conference table modules from Modern Office Furniture.

Depending on your needs, you can purchase a variety of conference table power modules from Modern Office. There are models that offer USB outlets, data ports, and options for you to choose yourself. With pop-up, clamp-on, and custom options, you can create the setup that works best for your office space.

Best Practices for Conference Table Power Management

It’s important to not install conference table power modules in your table without any thought. There’s an optimal way to place your technology components to save space, stay organized, and provide power to those who need it:

  • Mount modules at both ends of the table. If you’re setting them into the table, place them a short distance from the very end. If you’re clamping, one at each end will be sufficient.
  • Organize your cables underneath. If it’s within the budget, hire an electrician to route the cables into the floor up into the conference desk to save space and create a clean look.
  • Provide common chargers and outlets for guests, including Lightning cables for iPhones, USB-C, micro-USB, and other data cables like HDMI and VGA. You may also consider some wireless charging options for tablets and smartphones.

By following these best practices, your conference room will run more smoothly, and you can provide power and data connections to those who need it in meetings.

Order Conference Table Power Accessories

With the advanced power needs in today’s business world, conference table power and communication accessories are a requirement. Purchase affordable and reliable electrical modules from Modern Office Furniture. Your employees and guests will appreciate the added functionality from your new installation.

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