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5 Video Game Room Furniture Ideas

Every gamer dreams of a gaming room setup that’s perfect for hours of exploring their favorite open world or taking on their next speed running challenge. Figuring out what to put in a gaming room doesn’t come naturally to everyone, though.

Fortunately, we’ve curated a list of gaming room furniture ideas that you can use as a starting point when designing your ideal gaming room setup. Don’t be surprised if inspiration strikes!

What to Put In a Gaming Room

Here are five pieces of furniture you need for an optimal gaming room setup.

1.     A Spacious Desk

PC gamers know that the two most important pieces of gaming room furniture are a proper desk and a comfortable chair. For desks, we recommend going with an option with plenty of surface area.

For example, this L-shaped desk has more than enough room for multiple computer monitors, a gaming keyboard, and whatever snacks or beverages you need to get you through your next session. For a more affordable option, check out this height-adjustable desk that easily converts from a sitting to standing desk.

2.     An Ergonomic Desk Chair

As we mentioned above, a comfortable chair is a must-have piece of gaming room furniture. When selecting your gaming room seating, look for options that offer armrests, lumbar support, and a thick cushioned seat.

One of our favorites is this mid-back gaming chair that comes with LED lighting, which earns bonus points for its aesthetic features. For an even more comfortable throne, we recommend a high-back chair that comes with adjustable armrests.

3.     An Entertainment Center With Ample Storage

For console gamers, an entertainment center that can work as a TV stand is an essential part of a gaming room setup. A credenza can also work, since it provides plenty of space to store video games, controllers, and other gaming accessories. For instance, this four-door locking credenza is a great option for gaming room furniture—especially because of the extra security it provides.

4.     A Couch With Room for Friends

Comfortable gaming room seating is a must for those who enjoy gaming with friends. A comfortable couch can add an inviting feel to your gaming room setup. We recommend a couch that fits three or four people to make hosting gaming nights easy.

This black tufted three-seat modular sofa is a great gaming room furniture option because you can arrange it in the way that makes the most sense for your setup. For a smaller, more stylish option, we recommend this black leather loveseat.

5.     A Coffee Table to Prop Your Feet Up

The last piece of furniture your gaming room setup needs is a coffee table to put in front of your couch or loveseat. During long gaming sessions, it may feel like a luxury to lean back and prop your feet up on an elevated surface. You’ll also need somewhere to rest your snacks, beverages, and extra controllers when you’re not using them.

This Brewster coffee table is up to the job, and it comes in seven different shades of wood to choose from. Or for a more modern and stylish look, opt for this glass top coffee table. We hope these video game room furniture ideas have inspired you to create your own excellent hangout space. Have fun taking your room and your skills to the next level!

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