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Archive for June 2020

Chair Essentials for Your Home Office

People who don’t work from home very often enjoy the novelty of putting pajamas on and taking their laptop to the couch, but the less they work out of their office building, the more they realize sofas and dining chairs aren’t comfortable or conducive to their best work long-term. If you work from home regularly,…

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5 Essential Ergonomic Accessories

People who spend their entire workdays sitting down are at risk. Too much time sitting down can contribute to many health issues, including arthritis, dementia, heart disease, osteoporosis, and more. Using the right office chair goes a long way toward reducing these risks, but that’s just the first step you can take to improve health…

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Why You Still Need an Office Chair When Working at Home

If you spend most of your workday at a desk, you may be productive, but you can also be setting yourself up for long-term health problems. People who spend too much time sitting down in inadequate seating face an increased risk of arthritis, back problems, heart disease, and high blood pressure, among other issues. Getting…

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