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Archive for August 2019

The Benefits of Storage Lockers in Your Office Space

Coworking spaces, open floor plans, and unassigned seating are becoming the norm for many office environments. Employees who work long hours in shared spaces with lots of foot traffic and crowded breakrooms need a secure place to store their belongings during the workday. Storage lockers can give your employees peace of mind and improve organization…

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How To Make the Best First Impression in Your Reception Area

Your office’s reception area is the first thing prospective clients and employees see, making it imperative to have an inviting, professional space. Your reception area should inspire employees and visitors alike, highlighting your expertise and company culture to prove you’re the best company to work with. Use these design ideas to set the stage for…

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Hosting Events in Your Office Space

Your office can easily be transformed into a multifunctional space to host events for your current employees or prospective clients. When planning your next company event, it’s essential to consider the number of people you will need to accommodate, the purpose of the event, and the steps necessary to prepare accordingly. You should also address…

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