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Hosting Events in Your Office Space

Your office can easily be transformed into a multifunctional space to host events for your current employees or prospective clients. When planning your next company event, it’s essential to consider the number of people you will need to accommodate, the purpose of the event, and the steps necessary to prepare accordingly. You should also address important planning logistics like the budget, the time frame, invitations and RSVPs, and whether food, drink, and entertainment are necessary. We’ve listed some tips and ideas below to help turn your office into a professional event space suitable for any gathering.

Define the Purpose and Time

Form a clear idea of the objectives of your event to provide a focus so your employees and guests know what to expect. A fun internal event for employee appreciation has a much different agenda than an event that speaks to why new clients should work with you. Defining the goal will streamline the planning process—if your goal is educational, you’ll want to prepare the necessary training documents or internal procedures and policies, but if your goal is promotional, you’ll want to gather case studies and relevant projects that speak to your company’s expertise.

Provide Necessary Accommodations

When hosting an event in your office space, you need to make sure your accommodations are enough to keep everyone in attendance comfortable. Keep the number of people you expect to attend in mind so you can plan the seating arrangements accordingly. Modern Office has a wide variety of folding chairs and stackable chairs that are easy to set up quickly for office events. Our lightweight and economical chairs are both comfortable and professional, so you can maintain your overall office image when seating your guests at large events. Our wide selection of colors, designs, and finishes allows you to choose a style of chair that will seamlessly match your reception area, conference room, or meeting space.

Hosting an event usually requires additional table and surface space. You’ll want your guests to have a sturdy place to take notes or snack on refreshments. Modern Office has folding conference and office tables to meet your event’s needs. We offer a selection of durable and easy-to-arrange flip-top tables and folding tables with laminate, plywood, resin, or aluminum finishes. Our commercial-grade folding tables ensure that any group, large or small, has the reliable table space they need for any activity.

If you’re hosting a more formal presentation or award ceremony, consider using a podium or lectern. You’ll captivate the audience’s attention when you’re standing behind Modern Office’s professional podiums and lecterns. They provide the perfect place to store your notes during large presentations, and their stylish finishes look professional in any conference room, auditorium, or event space.

Host Your Next Event with the Help of Modern Office

Look professional, maintain organization, and accommodate guests for a memorable event with high-quality furniture from Modern Office. Contact us today to start planning your office event furniture layout!

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