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Archive for June 2021

What Is a Hip Chair, and Does My Business Need One?

First things first: What is a hip chair? Hip chairs are chairs with long legs and particularly high seats, which shortens the distance your body has to move in order to get into a sitting position. Hip chairs are made for people who have trouble getting in and out of chairs—this usually means senior citizens,…

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4 Reasons Why Solid Wood Furniture is the Best

When it comes to searching for furniture for your office, you’re going to be presented with a ton of different options. The variety in office furniture today can be overwhelming—between the different sizes, materials, functionalities, and prices, you’re left sifting through thousands of choices, trying to decide what’s best. Of course, everyone may have different…

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Collaborative Office Furniture for Your Coworking Space

Coworking spaces were already rapidly gaining popularity even before 2020, when most workers vacated their traditional office spaces and began working from home. After a year that forced most of us to ditch the conventional office setup, shared coworking spaces are sure to gain even more steam as a large number of work-from-homers and small…

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3 Types of Exercise You Can Do at Work

During a year when most people were forced to vacate the office and work from home, many people developed at-home workout routines to help break up the day and maintain good health while gyms were closed. As society starts to reopen and people head back to the office, the workout habits created during lockdown will…

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