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Collaborative Office Furniture for Your Coworking Space

Coworking spaces were already rapidly gaining popularity even before 2020, when most workers vacated their traditional office spaces and began working from home. After a year that forced most of us to ditch the conventional office setup, shared coworking spaces are sure to gain even more steam as a large number of work-from-homers and small business teams look for a place outside of the house to work and gather.

If you’re one of the people taking advantage of this boom by setting up a collaborative office space for rent, you’re probably in need of some furniture ideas for your coworking space. We’ve gone ahead and put together a list of all the most essential furniture for shared office spaces.

Conference Tables

One of the biggest reasons why people seek out coworking space is because they need a place to collaborate with coworkers. That’s why conference tables are going to be one of the most essential pieces of collaborative workspace furniture you’ll purchase for your coworking space. There are a variety of conference tables to choose from: standing height tables, collapsible tables with wheels for easy moving and storage, and expandable tables to accommodate multiple team sizes.


Of course, individual desks are other important pieces of coworking office furniture. Adjustable-height desks and tables are the most versatile surfaces, allowing workers to choose whether they’d prefer to sit or stand while working. Adjustable coworking furniture is perfect for coworking spaces that are focused on providing a healthy, modern office experience.

Collaborative Workstations

For small teams, collaborative workstations might be the happy medium between individual desks and large conference tables. Custom collaborative office furniture allows small groups to work in close proximity to each other for more streamlined communication.


Let’s be real—chairs can make or break the office experience. Without comfortable chairs, nobody will feel very productive regardless of whatever other shared office furniture you have. That’s why it’s important to choose ergonomic chairs that will work comfortably for all different types of people.

Reception Furniture

Of course, every shared office space needs furniture for the reception area. Depending what kind of businesses you host at your coworking space, there may be clients coming into the space to meet with your renters. In order to foster a professional environment, consider creating a reception area with a central reception desk and comfortable, professional reception seating.

Office Accessories

Once you’ve got all the coworking furniture essentials, consider adding some common office accessories to create a more professional and inviting environment. Things like bookcases, coat racks, trash receptacles, and white boards add functionality to your coworking space. You might even consider compact weight racks, bench presses, or an exercise bike in order to create an accessible and easy-to-use office gym. Remember, the more thought you put into your coworking space’s office furniture, the more welcoming and productive the space will be. With more people and businesses ditching the traditional office scene and looking for modern, flexible work environments, now is the perfect time to set up a coworking community.

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