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Archive for June 2018

Why Standing Desks Are Good for Your Health

It’s no surprise that most office workers sit too much. The average person spends almost six hours a day sitting at their desk and seven hours sleeping at night. Not only is that bad for your physical health, but it can potentially damage your mental and emotional well-being. Though there’s still research to be done…

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Creative Ways to Display Your School’s Trophies

Your school likely has many accomplishments in sports and academics that have earned its teachers and students awards and trophies. Exhibit them publicly in a display case that celebrates students’ achievements in a unique and creative way. A trophy case inspires your students by encouraging them to work harder, to achieve more, and fulfill their…

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Reasons You Should Purchase an Ergonomic Chair

  Do you have back pain from sitting in your chair at work for hours a day? A new ergonomic chair at work can help you focus better, improve your productivity, and reduce your back pain. Ergonomic chairs are designed to allow you to sit in comfort for long stretches of time and adjust the…

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The Most Productive Office Furniture Colors

Color sets the tone for any space, whether you’re designing a living room or work environment. There are many philosophies on what colors work best in the office, but it ultimately comes down to science and design theory. According to research done at the University of Hawaii, there are certain colors that are more suitable…

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