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Creative Ways to Display Your School’s Trophies

Your school likely has many accomplishments in sports and academics that have earned its teachers and students awards and trophies. Exhibit them publicly in a display case that celebrates students’ achievements in a unique and creative way.

A trophy case inspires your students by encouraging them to work harder, to achieve more, and fulfill their goals. When they look upon a display case filled with their predecessors’ achievements, they want to strive for success in sports and academics.

Trophy cases are more than just displays. They tell the story of the many students who have walked through the building and represent the toil needed to achieve their goals.

Creative Ways to Display Trophies

When you choose a display case, you’re presenting school history to future generations of students, parents, and teachers as they walk the halls of the school. A beautiful and original trophy case presentation helps make that impression and protect the valuable contents within from harm and decay. Here are some of our tips on how to take your trophy case from ordinary to extraordinary:

  • Light Trophies from Below — Lighted cases illuminate students’ accomplishments for current students and alumni, showcasing school heritage and tradition. The lighting enables everyone to better see the trophies and awards, recognizing past achievements.
  • Include 2nd and 3rd Place Trophies — Society focuses so much on 1st place, but the runners-up matter just as much. Silver and bronze medals are celebrated at the Olympics and should be exhibited in trophy cases at your school.
  • Showcase a Corkboard with Prize Ribbons — Award ribbons from competitions like debate, academic decathlons, and certain sports often go unnoticed in the trophy case. Placing them on a corkboard and featuring that board in a trophy case showcases the student winners of these events.
  • Place as Much Emphasis on Academics as Sports — Schools tend to idolize sports more often than academic achievements. Change that standard in your trophy case by highlighting academic triumphs, including National Merit Scholars, the Cum Laude Society, and past valedictorians.
  • Create a Collage of Past Students — Don’t forget the students who earned these accolades and awards. Using old yearbooks and online albums, create a collection of past students’ photographs and place them behind trophies in the school’s display case.

Find a Display Case for Your School

You want the highest quality display cases to shelter your school’s trophies. The school can rest assured the contents will be secure with locking doors and strong tempered glass in most models. Work with your school’s design or procurement committee to order a new trophy case. Then find a creative and innovative way to display your students’ achievements and awards to passersby.

Everyone who walks by will be impressed with the display case and the imaginative way you’ve presented students’ achievements. A display case will inspire future generations, so find an inventive way to display your school’s trophies today.

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