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Archive for March 2021

Laminated Cubicles and Carrels

Cleaning protocols have forever changed due to COVID-19 and the guidelines that have come as a result. Sanitation and sufficient space are key for the safety of both yourself and any others in your workplace. That’s why, if you’re looking to upgrade your desk or office layout, our laminated cubicles come highly recommended. They’re easy…

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Adjustable Height Desks for Your Home Office

Backaches, strained necks, and carpal tunnel symptoms can result from sitting in a desk and staring at a computer all day long. That’s why it’s important to switch things up and turn your standard workspace into something with options. Our adjustable height computer desks are perfect for those who want both a classic desk setup…

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How to Make Airport Seating COVID-Safe Blog

If you’re looking to buy airport seating, also known as beam seating, it’s vital to consider new guidelines and regulations put forth due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Social distancing and frequent sanitation are the new norm, and your current seating arrangements and cleaning schedules may not be up to protocol. By spacing rows of airport…

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5 Common Locations Where a Lectern is a Must-Have Item

Professional, elegant, functional… no, we’re not hinting at the latest Mercedes-Benz—we’re talking about a properly utilized lectern. From presentations to graduations, a high-quality lectern is pivotal at any formal gathering. By providing a centralized location to focus the crowd’s attention, lecterns and podiums prove essential in office settings, academia, and in the community in general.…

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