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Laminated Cubicles and Carrels

Cleaning protocols have forever changed due to COVID-19 and the guidelines that have come as a result. Sanitation and sufficient space are key for the safety of both yourself and any others in your workplace. That’s why, if you’re looking to upgrade your desk or office layout, our laminated cubicles come highly recommended. They’re easy to clean, they help your employees maintain their privacy, and they come with free shipping nationwide, no matter the size of your order.

Maintaining Cleanliness

Many of us spent most of 2020 working remotely in the comfort of our own homes, whether in a home office or at the dining room table. For the most part, you can control what goes in and out of your own residence and reduce your risk of exposure to infectious particles. When you eventually head back to the office, however, you’ll need to make sure your workspace is safe, clean, and sanitized on a regular basis.

Our laminated cubicles and carrels make that part easy. Applying cleaning products to a laminated surface and wiping them off again is much simpler than with other materials. A lot of cleaning fluids will ruin metal surfaces, and fabric walls are difficult to wipe clean. Laminated cubicles can be sanitized frequently without you having to worry about damaging them, making them the most health-conscious choice for cubicles in the COVID era (and beyond).

Maintaining Privacy

In today’s technology-driven world, privacy and safety measures are more essential than ever. Computers have firewalls, companies work off of private networks, and password requirements are getting more and more strict, so why not keep your physical work area safe as well? Our laminated cubicles are protected on three different sides, leaving each employee as the only person who can see their work. These cubicles are enclosed enough to protect privacy but large and open enough for people to not feel like they’re trapped in a box.

Maximizing Space With Laminated Carrels

If you’re not looking for something as large as a cubicle for your space, our laminated carrels are also a great idea. These items can fit in most any room, and they make a great secondary workstation. Sitting in the same space breathing the same air all day can be counterproductive to your workflow, so having a designated area to take a short call or get some fresh scenery is extremely important. Like our laminated cubicles, these carrels are easy to clean and sanitize, so they’ll fit right into shared spaces as well. Some of them are even adjustable, making them a one-size-fits-all product for any office.

Order Laminated Cubicles and Carrels From Modern Office

To top all these great features off, we offer free shipping on orders nationwide. Whether you’re in Bangor or Bakersfield, your laminated cubicles or carrels will arrive with zero extra charge to you, regardless of the quantity you ordered. When you order from Modern Office, you can trust that your shipment will be punctual, your product reliable, and your overall experience seamless. It’s been a trying year, but by purchasing cubicles and carrels from our easily cleaned laminated line, you’ll provide extra peace of mind for yourself and any others using the furniture.

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