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How Custom Cubicle Workstations Help in the COVID-19 Era

As your employees begin to return to the office, you must ensure you’ve taken the proper steps to provide COVID-19 “safe place” workstations. Discover how installing our custom cubicles will help keep your employees comfortable and healthy as they continue to work through this pandemic in an office environment.

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Why Your Open Office Still Needs Private Spaces

Open floor plans could be the most popular type of office layout in the modern business environment. While having an entirely open floor plan can be useful in collaborative settings, it also has its drawbacks. Many companies have switched to open floor plans, but others have gone back to traditional office settings that allow for…

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Benching Workstations vs. Cubicles

If you’ve ever worked for a startup or seen a major tech company’s offices on TV, you’re probably familiar with the open office layouts in which employees work in rows of benching workstations without any dividers or private offices to isolate them. This is a stark contrast to the rooms full of cubicles more common…

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5 Uses for Portable Partitions

Using portable partitions is a good idea when working in an office space that does not have many separate rooms. Modern Office sells partitions that are foldable and come on wheels, so they can be easily set up and maneuvered as needed. Here’s a list of five things you can do with a set of…

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Enclosed Spaces at Home and in the Office

The workplace of tomorrow may look quite different than the office of today. The current coronavirus crisis has prompted authorities to recommend “shelter in place” and “social distancing” orders, necessitating many changes that may have a lasting impact on work environments across the world. Today, physical separation is the norm, offices are less crowded, and…

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How to Leverage Portable Partitions in Your Company’s Office

Open design concepts, a growing office trend, are a cost-effective way to increase team building, communication, and flexibility. However, many employees still crave a quiet space to hold confidential meetings and focus on big deadlines and projects without interruption. If you have an open office design that could use more privacy, meeting spaces, and quiet…

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