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5 Uses for Portable Partitions

Freestanding portable partitions

Using portable partitions is a good idea when working in an office space that does not have many separate rooms. Modern Office sells partitions that are foldable and come on wheels, so they can be easily set up and maneuvered as needed. Here’s a list of five things you can do with a set of portable partitions in your office.

1. Temporary Private Meeting Areas

When all the conference rooms are full, portable partitions are perfect for creating an ad-hoc private meeting space. arranging temporary private meetings. A few well-placed partitions near a wall in an open area will give you somewhere to converse without prying eyes peering in.

2. Areas for Phone Calls

With an open floor plan, your employees may not have the privacy they need to take important phone calls when rooms are scarce. Using partitions to section off a phone call area will help your team take calls without others listening in or without distracting the rest of the office. Some sound may still carry beyond the partitions, but it will be muffled, so people on the phone should be able to chat comfortably as long as the area is a reasonable distance from others.

3. Nice Backgrounds for Online Meetings

Recently, many business communications are taking place over video conferences using tools like Zoom or Google Hangouts. When you’re in a video meeting, people notice your background. If the room behind you is messy or full of other employees milling around, others on the call may get distracted or form a negative impression of your office—something to avoid when talking to superiors and clients alike. By using portable partitions in your office, you can position yourself and your camera in front of a simple, professional background so nobody notices what’s going on outside your area.

4. Encouraging Social Distancing in the Office

Using portable partitions is an effective way of keeping employees socially distant from one another while COVID-19 is still a concern. Placing clear, portable sneeze guard frames between desks, chairs, and other locations where team members need to convene is an easy way to limit the spread of airborne particles that may be carrying a virus.

5. Extra Employee Break Areas

Everyone needs a break now and then, but when most of the office space is dedicated to getting work done, room to recharge is scarce. Some of your team may find themselves with nowhere to sit during the lunch rush. With portable partitions, you can create extra break areas in your office where employees can relax when they are between tasks. Depending on how far apart your partitions are, these areas can fit a few people at once or be reserved for individuals. Consider ordering bean bags and other comfortable seating so people can truly relax while they’re away from their desk.

Portable partitions are versatile office furniture—you can use them to create space for pretty much any purpose you can think of. When space in your office is limited, order partitions from Modern Office to open up your possibilities.

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