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Archive for May 2020

Furniture for Running a Business from Home

There’s a difference between working from home a few days a week and running a full business out of your residence. Bringing your laptop to the couch won’t cut it—you’ll need a workstation you can be comfortable and productive in for hours and a place to greet visitors or clients that may visit your home…

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How Many Guest Chairs Does Your Office Need?

In addition to the employees that regularly spend time at a workplace, most offices have a steady stream of visitors each week. Whether these visitors are clients, consultants, or job applicants, they need somewhere to sit when they arrive. The number of guest chairs you need depends on your business. In a waiting room, you…

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Enclosed Spaces at Home and in the Office

The workplace of tomorrow may look quite different than the office of today. The current coronavirus crisis has prompted authorities to recommend “shelter in place” and “social distancing” orders, necessitating many changes that may have a lasting impact on work environments across the world. Today, physical separation is the norm, offices are less crowded, and…

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Working at Home With Another Person

Right now, the United States is going through an unprecedented transition. People all over the country are working from home at the request of local, state, and federal governments. Working from home doesn’t suit everyone, and it can be even more difficult when there are other people in your house trying to do the same…

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Why Mesh Chairs Matter

The right chair can’t take away all the stress of a tough workday, but it can make you a lot more comfortable. Unfortunately, not all chairs are equal in the comfort department. When you choose an office chair, you’ve got several things to think about: What style is best? Should you go with armrests or…

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