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Why Mesh Chairs Matter

The right chair can’t take away all the stress of a tough workday, but it can make you a lot more comfortable. Unfortunately, not all chairs are equal in the comfort department. When you choose an office chair, you’ve got several things to think about: What style is best? Should you go with armrests or without? What kind of material should I pick: cloth, leather, or mesh?

The Advantages of Mesh Chairs

All three materials have their strengths depending on what function the chairs will serve, but mesh chairs are the most versatile. Here are some reasons why:

  1. Ventilation
    Anyone who spends a lot of time sitting down knows that getting too warm can be an issue. If your office gets hot, a leather chair can make your employees uncomfortable fast. A mesh chair, on the other hand, lets air circulate freely, keeping everyone cool, dry, and comfortable no matter how stressful the workday gets.
  2. Flexibility Mesh chairs are lightweight and easy to move. They have a modern, minimalist design that fits any office style. They’re also easy to clean—if someone spills, you don’t have to worry about it tarnishing leather or soaking into the fabric.
  3. Abundant Choices
    Mesh chairs are available in every color and style you can imagine, and they come with all the ergonomic features you expect in a modern office chair. Many chairs combine the mesh back with vinyl, leather, or fabric armrests and trim to enhance their appearance.
  4. Reasonable Cost
    Because they’re so common, mesh chairs are reasonably priced. They are much less expensive than leather chairs, but they offer superior comfort and more versatile usability.

Whether you want to buy a single chair for your home office or you need to outfit your entire workforce, mesh chairs are an excellent choice. Our chair evaluation program makes that choice even easier.

Modern Office Chair Evaluation Program
It’s hard to pick the right chair out of a catalog or from a website. You really need to sit in a chair to know if it will work for you. With most suppliers, you’ve got to make your best guess and hope it will work out. With our chair evaluation program, you don’t have to guess—you can test out a chair in your office with no obligation.

Just pick out the chair you’re considering and we’ll ship one to your office. If it doesn’t work for you, you can send it back and try another chair free of charge. When you’re ready to place your order, you’ll get all your chairs, including the demo unit, with a quantity discount.

No one beats our selection of mesh chairs or any of the other seating your office needs, from beam seats to modular desk systems. All of our furniture is available for immediate, free delivery to anywhere within the contiguous United States. If you want the best furniture at the best prices, complete our online contact form or call us at 1-800-443-5117 today.


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