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Working at Home With Another Person

Right now, the United States is going through an unprecedented transition. People all over the country are working from home at the request of local, state, and federal governments. Working from home doesn’t suit everyone, and it can be even more difficult when there are other people in your house trying to do the same thing.

Ordinarily, you only see your coworkers for a few hours each day, and everyone in the office has their own space to get things done. Trying to work alongside someone you live with, whether it’s a family member or roommate, can be challenging both personally and professionally.

If you aren’t accustomed to working from home with others, you probably don’t have the right equipment and furniture for everyone to do so comfortably. Whether you need to set up temporary workspaces to get through the current crisis or you’re both planning to make a long-term transition to working from home, it’s a good idea to arrange accommodations that can suit everybody. Here are three items that can transform your home into a functional workplace for two or more people at a time:

Two-Person Desks

If you live in a small house or apartment, finding the space for two dedicated workstations can be tough. A two-person desk makes it possible for two people to have their own setup with limited space. You can each work individually at the two desk stations or collaborate at the table space between your chairs.

Panels and Cubicles

Sometimes separate desk space isn’t enough to keep housemates from distracting each other. If your place isn’t big enough for everyone to have their own home office, ordering panels and other kinds of dividers will add a measure of privacy so you can both stay focused.

Office Chairs

People weren’t made to lay in bed or sit on the couch all day, especially when there are work-related tasks to focus on. Spending too much time on seating that isn’t designed for good posture can lead to many serious health issues. Get a separate ergonomic office chair for each person who will be working at home for the long haul—that will keep you from fighting over who gets the good chair and who gets stuck on the love seat.

Whether you’re working from home by choice or by necessity, the right furniture can make the difference between a pleasant experience and an aggravating one. Look into solutions that will allow everyone at home to work productively and keep the peace when they’re in each other’s company all day.

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