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Furniture for Running a Business from Home

There’s a difference between working from home a few days a week and running a full business out of your residence. Bringing your laptop to the couch won’t cut it—you’ll need a workstation you can be comfortable and productive in for hours and a place to greet visitors or clients that may visit your home office.

Professionals who own their own practice, like attorneys and CPAs, have traditionally been the biggest practitioners of running a business out of the house. Today, however, thanks to better remote technology and a changing work culture, more types of business owners are able to enjoy the convenience. If you’re thinking of turning your home into your corporate headquarters too, here’s some of the furniture you might need.

You probably have a desk or two in your home already, but when you’re working out of the house full-time, not just any desk will do. You’ll be more comfortable throughout the day with an adjustable height desk that can easily move between standing and sitting positions. Sitting too long is bad for blood circulation and can lead to health complications, so it’s a good idea to stand while working at your computer, but if your legs need a break or you’ll be on a long conference call, you’ll be able to sit down again without missing a beat.

Sometimes couples or roommates run a business together. If that’s your situation, a two-person desk can accommodate both of you. Many two-person desk options comprise two individual workstations connected by a dividing surface in the middle, which serves the dual purpose of providing space to collaborate and keeping you from bumping into or distracting each other when you’re working solo.

Swivel Chairs
In an office building, the resources you need are spread out—you probably have to walk to another part of the floor to attend a meeting, find a file, or use a scanner. In a home office, however, you’ll be working out of one room most of the time. Swivel chairs are essential in this environment. If you need to grab a file or talk to your partner, you can simply pivot or wheel over in seconds.

Many swivel chairs are ergonomic as well, maximizing comfort and protecting your posture if you spend a good portion of your workday sitting down. Look for a chair made of breathable material that offers sufficient support for your height and weight.


Furniture for Visitors

Being able to host friends and family is one of the best things about owning a home, but when your residence is also your office, clients and other business-related visitors expect a more formal environment than a typical living room. A few comfortable reception chairs will add an air of professionalism to your meeting area. Make sure you also have a separate table for meeting with visitors so you aren’t fighting for space on your regular desk. A folding office table is easy to set up when guests arrive and put away again when you’re in “home mode.”

These are just a few key items we believe a full home office should have, but there are plenty of other pieces and accessories that can make your house a more ideal full-time work environment. Contact Modern Office anytime for other suggestions.

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