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How Custom Cubicle Workstations Help in the COVID-19 Era

A photo of COVID-19 office-safe furniture, featuring custom cubicles that prevent the spread of germs and act as sneeze guards.
Sync Double-Sided Custom Cubicles: 4-Person Bench Workstation

As employees and employers continue to figure out what work should look like in the COVID-19 era, the need for creative solutions is at a premium. At the broadest level, maintaining operations boils down to two options: Employees work remotely, or employers find safe ways to bring their people back into the office. When the former isn’t possible, it’s imperative to have a workplace that makes staff members feel safe while remaining functional and efficient.

You will still need to adhere to rigorous cleaning and sanitation guidelines and mask-wearing, but another way to keep an office safe is by mitigating the spread using custom cubicles that creatively distance and separate workers from each other. Offering an array of layout options that maximize space while creating a solution to potential exposure via proximity, custom cubicles are versatile and customizable enough to fit any office.

With adequate distancing and physical barriers, your team can focus on getting work-life as back to normal as possible for the time being—something your employees will greatly appreciate. Read on for more reasons why custom cubicle workstations are ideal office furniture pieces for the COVID-19 era.

Creating a Safe Space with Custom Workstations

Cubicles with a double-sided design can comfortably seat two to unlimited numbers of people at a time, and the large dividers give each person their own separate COVID-19 isolated workstation. Shared broad-size panels mitigate the risk of exposure and allow each team member the privacy they need. Custom workstations can also include technology-friendly features like grommets built into the surfaces and in the panels underneath to accommodate electrical cords, ethernet cables, and A/V ports.

The ability to customize a cubicle’s height and width will also help you maximize the space available in your office while keeping your employees at a safe distance from one another. On top of that, extended-height paneling puts an even larger physical barrier between desk neighbors, preventing airborne particles from passing around at a standing height level.

Furthermore, custom cubicle options allow for the gradual scaling of a return to capacity at the office. With cubicles and workstations available in arrangements that accommodate any number of people between two and eight, offices can slowly add more people to a cluster until it’s safe to return all employees. In addition to their excellent functionality, custom cubicles are aesthetically versatile as well, with custom color schemes available for laminates, tack boards, and panels.

How to Get Started

Figuring out how to return employees to the office safely and effectively, and at what rate, will require due diligence and strategic outlining. Your plan must include office furniture solutions that keep COVID-19 from being a major concern by allowing for spacious layouts and individualized seating areas. Custom cubicles and workstations offer versatility, durability, and creative design capabilities to meet the needs of both small and large offices while providing a pleasing aesthetic.

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