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How to Leverage Portable Partitions in Your Company’s Office

Open design concepts, a growing office trend, are a cost-effective way to increase team building, communication, and flexibility. However, many employees still crave a quiet space to hold confidential meetings and focus on big deadlines and projects without interruption. If you have an open office design that could use more privacy, meeting spaces, and quiet areas, portable partitions could be the answer. Movable partitions allow you to turn any office space into a private room without breaking the bank or redesigning your whole office layout. We’ve listed some benefits and uses for room dividers to help you identify ways of improving your office’s layout and functionality.

Create the Space You Need

In most open office designs, creating an additional meeting room would involve an investment in building new walls. Portable office partitions can easily create a private meeting space without making any costly renovations. With a set of large, movable dividers, you can build or disassemble private meeting spaces simply by rolling the partitions where they’re needed.

Quickly and easily create a private conference room for those last-minute client meetings without worrying about distracting others or accommodating additional guests. Redesign the flow of your office space and create team-centric spaces or comfy areas to relax. Whether you want to design a new meeting room with four walls or create a visual barrier between employee workstations, portable partitions provide a customizable solution for your office needs.

Increase Privacy

Office room dividers can help resolve complaints about a lack of privacy in open office designs by offering both visual and acoustic isolation. These movable barriers can create a visual sense of personal space to prohibit distractions, while also working to eliminate and soften the inevitable office noise. Create walls that keep noisy conversations and meetings from distracting other hardworking employees—Modern Office sells portable partitions that absorb up to 50% of sound in the room. You can also strategically divide your office space to offer separate places for quiet, uninterrupted work and creative collaboration.

Promote Productivity

In addition to creating private spaces, portable partitions can improve productivity and organization across your office space. Arrange partitions in your office to improve teamwork and workflow. Move partitions to separate unrelated teams from each other, promoting increased communication and collaboration on smaller group projects. Employees who need a space to work individually will be thankful for the barrier blocking them from the chatter, and teams will enjoy a space to have creative brainstorming sessions. Modern Office’s portable partitions help your employees stay organized by giving them a space to tack on notes or hang calendars and whiteboards.

Buy Portable Partitions from Modern Office Today!

Freestanding portable partitions from Modern Office are a quick and easy way to transform your office space with additional private conference rooms, training spaces, collaborative workstations, break rooms, and private workspaces. Panels are customizable and made to order in your choice of over a dozen fabrics, with colors to match your existing office decor. For the ultimate convenience, portable partitions are ready to use out of the box—no assembly required. Contact Modern Office today to learn more about how we can help you utilize your office space and create privacy using our portable partitions.

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