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5 Common Locations Where a Lectern is a Must-Have Item

Professional, elegant, functional… no, we’re not hinting at the latest Mercedes-Benz—we’re talking about a properly utilized lectern. From presentations to graduations, a high-quality lectern is pivotal at any formal gathering. By providing a centralized location to focus the crowd’s attention, lecterns and podiums prove essential in office settings, academia, and in the community in general. Let’s take a look at some places where a lectern can make all the difference.

At the Office

1.     Conference Rooms

Conferences and meetings are a big part of the daily grind in any office, and the rooms that host those gatherings foster both innovation and a strong company culture. The equipment used to organize those meetings should reflect the importance of the work being done in that space, and lecterns and podiums add legitimacy. To meet the demand of the modern work space, portable lecterns can travel from room to room and from meeting to meeting with ease, and they offer the same quality A/V options as a permanent lectern to boot.

2.     Meeting Spaces

Is today the day of the big presentation? If so, we wish you the best, and we’re here to let you know that a tabletop lectern would be the perfect assistant in a situation such as this. Studies show that using notes in presentations creates the impression that the presenter has spent quality time preparing for their speech. With that in mind, a tabletop lectern provides you with the perfect space to stash those flash cards and really knock your presentation out of the park.

In Academia

3.     The Library

The library is usually a quiet space, but when it’s not time to “shush,” it’s time to make your voice heard! We’ve all been to that event before, where the speaker can’t reach the back of the room, and we spend half the time asking what they just said. Portable lecterns with built-in sound systems make sure that all can hear. They’re multifaceted, and they look great. Don’t believe us? See for yourself—here are some awesome lecterns for sale by Modern Office.

4.     The Gymnasium

We know what you’re thinking, but hear us out—gym space is often called on to host larger gatherings, graduations, and important tests, so it’s wise to be prepared. Passing out diplomas is a big deal, and podiums were made for that moment. More traditionally, the gymnasium could play host to the next pep rally before the big game, and a portable sound system will provide the booming noise needed to excite an entire crowd.

In the Community

5.     Theaters and Concert Halls

Oftentimes the community relies on these spaces to gain information about local happenings or take in a performance, and they deserve a memorable show.  A good show requires a good orator, and a good orator requires a good place to orate from. Enter right: the orator lectern, which has the ability to captivate an audience of over 2,000 people.

With their elegant and sleek look, executive-style podiums and lecterns are go-tos for events held in these spaces because they provide perfect sound quality for both the smallest venues and the largest. From closing a great deal to handing a student the achievement of a lifetime, a versatile lectern or podium can make all the difference.

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