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What Is a Hip Chair, and Does My Business Need One?

First things first: What is a hip chair? Hip chairs are chairs with long legs and particularly high seats, which shortens the distance your body has to move in order to get into a sitting position. Hip chairs are made for people who have trouble getting in and out of chairs—this usually means senior citizens, but hip, knee, leg, or back problems can affect people of any age.

Whether or not your business needs hip chairs depends on the types of people who frequent your space. No matter what line of work you’re in, you want to make sure that the clients, patients, or customers that come to see you are as comfortable and as accommodated as possible. A person with a healthy and mobile body might not even think twice about the fact that their chairs could be difficult for others to sit in.

To help you figure out whether hip chairs might be a good idea for your environment, let’s explore the businesses that are most likely to see people who would benefit from hip chairs.

Doctor’s Office

This one is a no-brainer. People of all ages and with all kinds of health conditions go to the doctor, so you can safely assume you’ll regularly have patients who have difficulty with mobility. A hip chair can be a huge relief to someone who is injured or is dealing with a bad back or bad hips or knees. Every doctor’s office should have a good amount of hip chairs for those who need them.

Orthopedic Facilities

Another easy one. Orthopedic facilities deal directly with the musculoskeletal system and should be able to accommodate anyone who comes into their waiting room. Make sure you have a wide variety of seating in these offices, including hip chairs.


Does your restaurant serve an older demographic? If so, consider adding hip chairs to your seating options so anyone can sit comfortably and enjoy their meal. Your customers are likely to appreciate your attention to detail and your commitment to hospitality.

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities should be able to comfortably accommodate people with limited mobility. Make sure your residents and their visitors can sit and stand up comfortably and with limited assistance.

Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Facilities

Again, any facility that deals with people with injuries would be smart to make sure there are plenty of seating options for people with limited mobility. Hip chairs work well in both waiting rooms and actual doctor’s offices—any place a patient needs to sit, a hip chair should be available. Modern Office has a wide selection of hip chairs ready to deliver to your office, restaurant, or clinical facility. Our hip chairs come in a wide array of height and weight capacities, and they vary in materials and fabrics as well. Being able to offer your staff, patients, clients, and customers comfortable, accommodating seating shows that you care enough to invest in their health and comfort. Improve the accessibility and hospitality of your business with hip chairs and other ergonomic seating options.

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