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How To Make the Best First Impression in Your Reception Area

Your office’s reception area is the first thing prospective clients and employees see, making it imperative to have an inviting, professional space. Your reception area should inspire employees and visitors alike, highlighting your expertise and company culture to prove you’re the best company to work with. Use these design ideas to set the stage for a great first impression in your reception area.

Branded Style

Your reception area is an opportunity to showcase your company’s brand, and the space should express your organization’s mission and values. The best way to brand your reception area to speak to your expertise depends on your company’s industry. If you’re a creative agency, you’ll get potential clients’ attention with vibrant colors, but if your company is focused on sales and technology, you’re better off with a more muted, professional tone. Your reception area design and layout should reflect the purpose of your business from the moment a visitor steps inside.

Consider displaying your company’s logo in a prominent spot, or incorporate a branded color palette similar to the logo to maintain a cohesive design. The reception area doesn’t need an overwhelming amount of decor, so opt for a simple style that doesn’t crowd the space to create a welcoming area that accommodates groups of any size. Decorate your reception area with items that speak to your company’s professionalism and success, like awards, outstanding accomplishments, and case studies.

Professional Furniture and Finishes

Create a relaxing space with enough professional and comfortable furniture to accommodate the number of visitors you might have at any one time. Selecting different finishes can speak to your industry—picking dark wood finishes helps portray a professional appearance for legal or accounting firms, while metal finishes and ergonomic designs might be more fitting for the industrial and technological fields.

The reception desk should be the focal point of the room, so make sure it’s easy to find without it crowding the entryway. Encourage an organized reception desk by providing ample storage space, making sure packages and letters don’t clutter the desktop. Modern Office has a variety of reception desks that will fit your reception area’s style, and they come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate any space. We can even customize a reception desk to match your required dimensions—any professional aesthetic is possible with Modern Office’s selection of customizable reception furniture.

Improve Your Reception Area with Modern Office

Modern Office’s reception room furniture is what you need to set your company up for lasting success. We have experience helping companies from different industries create an inviting welcome area that displays their expertise and professionalism. Design a contemporary reception area that creates a connection to your organization for prospective clients while improving company culture and morale to attract new employees and inspire your current team. Modern Office can help you furnish and customize your reception area to ensure the best first impression from the first glance—contact us today to begin creating a memorable entry space.

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