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Conference Rooms

The Utility of Flip Top Tables

In most workspaces, organization is key. Where you work directly affects the quality of what you’re doing. It is vital to have a space fully dedicated to the job that needs to be done. Organization optimizes work, making a practical desk space at the top of the list to be productive in day-to-day tasks. Offices,…

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Why Choose Solid Wood Conference Tables?

Why Choose Solid Wood Conference Tables? In today’s office furniture market, there are dozens of materials to choose from, including laminate, metal, and solid wood for your conference tables. How do you choose the right work surface for your workspace? While veneer and laminate options can be affordable and look great, solid wood will last…

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Pros and Cons of Standing Height Conference Tables

Standing Height Conference Tables One of the more exciting trends in office furniture today is the advent of the standing and adjustable conference table. These taller desks can easily adjust to participants’ heights to improve focus and increase energy during internal or client meetings. Instead of falling asleep or looking at smartphones during a lunch…

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Best Practices for Conference Table Power Modules

In today’s fast-paced meeting environment, your conference table needs connectivity and electrical options for every use. If you want to meet everyone’s needs, you’ll need advanced power, USB connectivity, and data, voice, audio, and video connections. You can add advanced technology to even the simplest of conference tables to make it more functional with conference…

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Creating an Inspiring Conference Room

The conference room at a company or organization is where many important decisions are made. If you are planning on designing a conference room at your office, there are several design elements to consider that will help create an inspiring and multifunctional space. A good way to begin planning your conference room design is by…

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