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Equip Your Meeting Rooms for Videoconferencing

Technology Table Worksurfaces

To help prevent the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing has become widely enforced. For the time being, many companies have implemented mandatory work from home practices. As we move forward, companies will likely start having more employees go into the office, but social distancing practices will still be in place. With some employees in the office and some employees working from home, it’s important for companies to be well-equipped for a mix of in-person and remote work practices.

Modern Office has a great selection of office furniture that will help companies accommodate these changing work conditions. If half of your office is working from home and the other half is working on site, videoconferencing is a great way for all team members to communicate effectively. Having the right furniture in your office is the first step toward making sure videoconferencing goes well.

Tables With Power Modules

We sell customizable conference tables to fit whatever purpose your office may need, including tables with built-in power modules. These are great for plugging in phones, monitors, or personal laptops. With built-in power modules, there is no need to stretch power cords across the table or for people to sit close to an outlet in the wall, away from the rest of the group.

AV Carts

Our AV carts and stands are also useful for efficient videoconferencing. You can choose which type you need for your office based on whether the cart has wheels and whether it is tall or short. AV carts give you more flexibility to move things like monitors and projectors to different parts of the room, making sure they’re in a good spot for all parties at the table and in their homes to see a presentation.

Conference Tables With Room for Everyone

Making room for everyone can be especially tricky when you have to factor in the frame of a camera too. Luckily, we offer conference tables in both small and large sizes to make sure all participants to be seen on the screen. If your company is holding a lot of videoconference meetings, you want to make sure that everyone in both remote locations and on site can be seen and heard. If you position a computer screen or TV at the end of a thin conference table, and people sit on either side of the table, you can be sure that everyone is visually accounted for.

Presentation Boards

Hopefully everyone’s taking their own notes, but sometimes you need to share info with the whole group, which is more difficult when half of them aren’t in the room. Whiteboards, easels, and other presentation materials can help everyone see key information clearly during videoconference meetings. Some of the boards can be stuck to the wall, while others come on a stand that you can roll around to accommodate everyone’s field of vision.

Meetings themselves aren’t going anywhere, but more and more, their participants can go wherever they’re capable of working. Setting your conference rooms up for effective videoconferencing will keep everyone on the same page even when they aren’t in the same place.

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