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Creating an Inspiring Conference Room

Standing Conference Room Table

The conference room at a company or organization is where many important decisions are made. If you are planning on designing a conference room at your office, there are several design elements to consider that will help create an inspiring and multifunctional space. A good way to begin planning your conference room design is by taking note of the dimensions of the room that will allow you to visualize furniture options. Another way to start planning your conference room is by taking note of your company’s activities, average meeting size, and the proposed used of the space. The following are some tips on how to create an inspiring conference room for your company or organization.

Four Design Elements to Create an Inspiring Conference Room


Taking into account your company’s technology needs is a great way to plan out a flexible meeting space. While most company meetings happen in person, virtual conferences with prospective clients and other employees are cost effective and offer an interactive way to communicate ideas and solve problems. Choosing a well-equipped video screen that features a high resolution of 1080p or better will allow meeting attendees to view presentations and video clearly. When you are searching for a video screen, make sure that the system has a camera capable of rendering HD video, as well as a microphone and a connection that minimizes background noise. If your company is a creative agency and relies on video presentations, a good speaker system is essential to bringing big ideas to life as a multisensory experience to audience members.


Conference tables are important to your overall conference room’s feel as it is centered in the middle of the room. To ensure that your conference table meets your company’s needs, make sure that it is large enough for the employees or members of your organization. A good way to determine the ideal conference table size is to note the dimensions of the room. An ideal conference table should allow for at least 60 inches of space between the edge of the table and the wall. If your company uses AV carts, craft service tables or other furniture, make sure to measure the dimensions of those pieces also to avoid losing walking space. Modern Office recommends the Custom Rectangular Shaped Conference Table for added design flexibility. This modern conference table can be configured to infinite different dimensions for your business’ needs. For added style, fully customizable conference tables can be chosen in 35 different finishes.


Choosing a soothing or inspiring color in a conference room can help foster creativity during important business meetings. When planning the design of your conference room, take into account the color scheme of your other office areas to create a cohesive feel to the space. Instead of painting the entire room one solid wall color, choosing an accent wall will help break up the space and draw eyes toward the presentation screen or board. Choosing natural tones like soft blue teals and muted green are soothing to the eye and can help calm your employees when they enter the room. Avoid oversaturated or vibrant colors that overwhelm the eye – instead, choose artwork or other pops of color in accessories to bring an element of surprise to the space.


The lighting in many conference rooms is often florescent panel lighting. While this choice is preferred by business and other institution as way to promote concentration, this harsh direct source of light is not very inspiring. Allowing natural light into the room through windows is often the best method of introducing light to the room. If your conference room lacks windows, purchasing indirect lighting sources such as floor lamps or desk lamps for the space will diffuse light and give the room a more welcoming feel. If your business or office has the budget and resources, incorporating a skylight that illuminates the center of the conference table is an ideal choice.

Conference Room Furniture from Modern Office

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