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The Design Appeal of Roll Top Desks

roll top desk.Elegant and classic, roll top desks look attractive in any home or office setting. Best of all, they provide plenty of space to complete your projects and are neatly kept with organizational compartments and sliding tambour covers. Here’s what you need to know when shopping for your new roll top desk.

They’re Historically Significant

Roll top desks are a nineteenth-century reworking of the pedestal desk. With added shelves, nooks, and drawers, roll top desks were built for ample organization and storage. Most people recognize roll top desks for their sliding tambour covers, which conveniently roll down to cover stacks of papers, important documents, and other personal items.

The roll top desk could be produced en masse, in part because of the simple wood flats that composed its original design. They were soon a trademark piece in offices after the Civil War and were used heavily until the Depression and World War II when steel desks came into use. But its shelves, nooks, and drawers became obsolete as mail correspondence grew in popularity, crowding the once useful compartments with overflowing letters and documents. Too much paperwork caused roll top desks in the nineteenth century to go out of style.

Today, roll top desks are cherished by those who appreciate their classic design – which brings us to our next point.

They’re an Attractive Option

Roll top desks are traditional and make any room feel comfortable and down-to-earth. Their natural wood tone complements more modern pieces, creating a well-balanced look. Whether you’re working from home or finishing a project, roll top desks offer an attractive space to get work done.

They’re Functional

With their many drawers and nooks, roll top desks are a great option for staying organized. All desk materials can be neatly placed in the appropriate compartments, allowing for an especially clean workspace. Plus, when you’re done working, its tambour covers can conveniently be rolled down to hide all signs of things that must be done. Alongside providing an organized and clean space, roll top desks allow you to mentally separate yourself from the work that still needs to be done.

Roll top desks can also safely store items inside and are accessed with desk keys. Place laptops and other valuable items within its main compartment to ensure their protection.

Shop Roll Top Desks at Modern Office

At Modern Office, we carry a large selection of beautiful roll top desks for your pleasure and ease of use. Whether you’re looking for a writing or computer desk, you can count on finding a desk you’ll use and love for years.

Most of our desks are handcrafted in the United States and offer plenty of storage for important documents and papers. Equipped with a hutch, drawers and small compartments, roll top desks perfectly organize your things, making work a bit easier. When shopping for a roll top desk, look no further than Modern Office’s selection of wooden desks.

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