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The Benefits of Top Grain Leather for Your Office Furniture

For most offices, selecting office furniture starts with finding a balance between a unique and professional office look and getting enough pieces to meet your employee’s demand at a fair price. You can get both with top-grain leather.

With top-grain leather furniture for your office, you get:

Professional, Clean Look for a Professional, Clean Office

Because the hide in top-grain leather lacks the natural fibers present in the top layer of full-grain leather, it can be colored, worked, and imprinted to create a much more equal look. Because the behavior of top-grain leather is so predictable, it’s perfect for office furniture; you can bring a consistent atmosphere to all tables and desks within the workspace.

Longer Lasting than Low-Grade Leather

Low-grade leather cannot absorb body oils and falls apart even with careful maintenance. Top-grain leather, however, enjoys a long life with a solid care routine.

The office is the perfect environment for top-grain leather furniture. Because it stays cool and dry, the leather is less likely to suffer from moisture- and weather-related decomposition. Wipe the leather dry when it becomes wet and keep it away from heat to avoid cracking. Keeping top-grain leather conditioned at least twice a year will ensure that it retains natural moisture and oils that allow it to function properly and look its best.

If the leather is exposed to moisture for too long and grows mold, you have only to remove the mold with a soft cloth dipped in an isopropyl alcohol and water solution. You can share these easy top grain leather care tips with employees in the office and keep your office furniture at its most beautiful for years upon years.

Saves Money

From the get-go, top-grain leather is less expensive than full-grain leather. That’s because manufacturers and designers don’t have to spend as much time and effort working, shaping, and molding the leather to its form. Greater design freedom and less time spent on labor mean much bigger savings for you at purchase time.

It also means you get the beauty and quality of leather at a fraction of the full-grain leather price. You get a consistent, professional, clean, and beautiful look from your office furniture without burning through your indirect spend budget – it’s a win for everyone. Find the perfect top grain leather pieces at Modern Office Furniture today.

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