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How to Find the Best Office Desk Setup for You

How many times do you get distracted while you work? Do you feel crowded, disorganized, or cramped at your desk? What about your posture—how often do you feel back or neck pain?

Whether you’re working from home or in an office building, establishing the best desk setup for you is crucial for productivity and your health. The perfect desk setup for each person depends on both their body type and their goals. What is your primary use for your desk? Are you creative or all business? Do you use a laptop? Do you prioritize ergonomics? Answer these questions, then read on for some office desk setup ideas.

Ergonomic Desk Setup

Since everyone started working from home, 92 percent of chiropractors saw an increase in musculoskeletal injuries. It’s surprisingly easy to get an overuse injury from repetitive trauma simply by sitting incorrectly. To prevent these issues, it’s a good idea to switch between standing, sitting, and walking throughout the day. This will improve blood flow and reduce the chance of back injury. For an ergonomic desk setup, adjust your chair, monitor, and keyboard so that you do not crane your neck, slouch, or bend your elbows awkwardly. An ergonomic chair will also help immensely.

Stay Organized

To avoid clutter (and thus, distractions), keep only necessary accessories on your desk and put the rest in drawers. To maintain productivity, you might need a calendar or to-do list. If you write a lot of notes, keep pens and paper nearby. Creatives might find an inspiration board or motivating objects such as pictures or awards helpful.

Isolate Yourself

When you’re trying to work, sometimes peace and quiet are necessary. Set up your desk in a dedicated room away from noises and other family members. That way, your “work” room will be different from your “play” rooms, allowing you to focus more easily.

Find Your Ideal Temperature

Degrees make a difference when you’re setting up your desk. Research suggests that warm rooms are better for productivity—in a Cornell study, workers in warm offices were found to have made fewer errors. Ultimately, the decision is up to you, of course. If you are more comfortable, awake, and inspired in a cold room, keep it colder.

Add Greenery and Water

Plants are known to freshen the air and increase oxygen flow to the brain, which is obviously important for getting quality work done. The color green is also calming and can improve one’s mood. When you’re watering your plants, make sure to save some for yourself. Keep water bottles and maybe even a personal water cooler handy in your office.

Optimize Lighting

If there are windows in your office, try to fill it with natural light. Sunlight gives you Vitamin D, which has numerous health benefits. If your work area doesn’t have any windows, use bright lighting that won’t make you sleepy. You can even move across the room or try different modular configurations to find a comfortable setup.

Use Color Psychology

Some designers believe the color schemes you use in your office can have an impact on your mood, creativity, and energy.

  • Yellow and orange stimulate creativity and enhance joy.
  • Purple represents power, ambition, stability, and energy.
  • Black is strong, authoritative, and prestigious.
  • Blue instills peace, sympathy, enthusiasm, and integrity.

If you think being in one of these moods will make you more productive, try decorating your office in that color. Learn more about color psychology to find many other representations and combinations you can try.

Modern Office’s Perfect Desk Setup

Whether you’re looking for the best laptop or ergonomic desk setup, Modern Office can help. With the nonelectric sit-stand desk, you won’t have to worry about cords, outlet location, or electricity. Simply lift the front edge to tilt and roll for easy workflow adjustment. Order it today to complete your perfect office and start working at your brand-new setup.

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