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5 Health and Wellness Tips for the Workplace

After a year of working from home, a lot of us developed different habits and routines than we had while working in the office. Working remotely allowed us to take more breaks, go outside for fresh air, and generally spend less time hunched over our computers. As the world begins to open back up again and we head back to the office, how can we maintain some of the healthier lifestyle habits we developed while working from home?

Let’s explore some different ways of ensuring a healthy lifestyle for yourself and your employees as everyone settles into yet another new routine. Keep reading for our top wellness tips for the office.

Set Up an Office Gym

Staying active during the day has a number of positive health benefits, especially for the heart and brain. As difficult as it is to be active in an office setting, it’s worth the effort—remaining sedentary for hours and days at a time can increase your risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, and cancer.

The solution? Installing fitness equipment at the workplace. The benefits of a gym at the workplace are many—to start, giving employees easy access to fitness equipment like dumbbells, weight racks, exercise bikes, and rowing machines will motivate them to get in a convenient, invigorating workout during their day.

Exercise doesn’t just have incredibly positive effects on the body but on the mind as well. As you exercise, the blood flow to your brain increases, which in turn increases the amount of oxygen and nutrients the brain is receiving. Exercise also releases feel-good chemicals in your brain, boosting your mood and reducing stress. It almost goes without saying that this positive impact on the body and mind will translate to your employees’ work as well.

Stay Hydrated

Another healthy workplace tip: Drink more water. There are a few steps you can take to encourage water consumption at your office and make sure everyone on their team is getting an adequate amount of healthy fluids. For one, you can set up a water cooler and make sure that it stays filled. You can also provide your employees with water bottles that have company branding that they won’t be able to resist using. If you purchase snacks for your office or have a vending machine, consider eliminating sodas and sugary juices.

Install Standing Desks

Like we mentioned above, a sedentary lifestyle isn’t a healthy one. Another great way to avoid too much sitting time is by providing employees with height-adjustable desks so they can work on their feet for much of the day and take sitting breaks when their legs get tired. Standing increases blood flow to the heart and brain, making for happier, healthier employees.

Provide Free Weights

We’ve already talked about an office gym, but for those who are still working from home, or in smaller spaces that don’t accommodate a full gym setup, consider giving your team members their own compact exercise equipment, like dumbbells. They’ll have a convenient way to get in a quick exercise break between deadlines and meetings.

Pack Your Lunch

Another healthy lifestyle tip for office workers? Avoid going out to lunch too often. This will not only lead to unhealthy eating habits but take a major bite out of your wallet as well. Carve out some time during the weekend to go grocery shopping and plan at least a couple lunches you can bring to work during the upcoming workweek. Once you find some easy and delicious homemade lunches that you love, it will become easier and easier to plan and prepare meals for the office. You’ll save money and feel healthier. Of course, there are many small things you can do to make sure you and your colleagues are staying happy and healthy at the office: encouraging walk breaks during the day, leading a group stretch every few hours, or even implementing occasional work-from-home days, for just a few more examples. Use the past year as inspiration for a fresh, healthier start, and don’t be afraid to ask your coworkers for additional health and wellness ideas in the workplace!

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