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The Best Types of Office Fitness Equipment

Why are we suddenly all talking about the best fitness equipment for the office? During a year when we’ve all been advised to stay in our homes as much as possible, it’s been tough to figure out and maintain a proper fitness routine. Many gyms shut down for months at a time, forcing people to figure out how they could do all their regular exercises in the confines of their own home.

Although society is gradually returning to normal, it’s likely that some of the new trends that developed during the pandemic—like working out at home during the day—are here to stay. That’s why office-friendly workout equipment will be a hot commodity in the coming months as businesses scramble to accommodate workers who are used to working from home. To make sure you’re ready to give your team what they’ll be asking for, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best office exercise equipment.

Dumbbell Sets With Storage Racks

Dumbbells are a staple of any gym setup because they’re simple, versatile, and effective. Dumbbell sets, when paired with an accompanying rack, are compact, so they won’t take up too much space in your home office or workplace gym room. With weights ranging from 5 to 100 lbs, a set of dumbbells is good for a wide variety of fitness levels and workout routines.

Adjustable Dumbbells

If you’re looking for something even more compact than a rack of dumbbells, then an adjustable dumbbell may be the best piece of office fitness equipment you can buy. An adjustable dumbbell is a single dumbbell that allows users to add and take away weight in the middle of their workout. Any unused weight will stay neatly in the dumbbell’s holder until you’re ready to add it.

Adjustable Weight Bench

If you really want to blow off steam and stay motivated during the workday, an adjustable weight bench is the best office fitness equipment for you. The adjustability of the bench makes it good for an array of different workouts and skill levels, so anyone looking to make gains at the office has the perfect opportunity.

Power Rack

According to some, a power rack is the most essential piece of gym equipment due to its versatility. A power rack allows users to safely do a variety of different workouts, including squats, deadlifts, and shoulder presses. If you’re going to get serious about weight lifting and strength training, a power rack is one of the best choices for office exercise equipment.

Air Resistance Bike

When it comes to cardio, an air resistance bike is one of your best options for office fitness equipment. Air resistance bikes come with movable handles, meaning you work out your arms, legs, and heart when you jump onto one of these babies. Air bikes harness wind resistance from a large fan, and the harder you work, the more resistance you feel.

Air Resistance Rower

Similar to the air resistance bike, the air resistance rower is an incredible way to get a full-body workout. Like the air resistance bike, the harder you row, the more resistance you’ll get, increasing the intensity as you gain experience. However you choose to deck out your home office or workplace gym, the exercise equipment listed above all have these things in common: They’re compact, they’re convenient, and they’re good for a variety of different workouts and fitness levels. Make this upcoming year a healthy and fruitful one by providing your office with the best exercise equipment available.

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