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5 Reasons to Use Slipcovers for Your Office Chairs Blog

Office Chair Slipcovers

Once you have the right chairs for your office, using slipcovers on them is a great idea. Slipcovers are fitted pieces of fabric that you can add as an extra layer over the seat of a chair. They come in many different colors, and they can fit to a variety of chair sizes, making them a great and simple choice for preserving the life of your office chairs. Here are some reasons why slipcovers are worth it.

1.    Make Cleaning Easy

Since office chairs are used so frequently, they are bound to get dirty. Maybe your employees eat or drink at their desks while they’re working and inevitably end up dropping food crumbs or spilling liquids on the surface of their seats. Maybe working long hours makes your employees sweat, which seeps into their chair’s fabric. It’s always a smart idea to keep your office as clean as possible, particularly during the time of COVID-19—it’s important to wash surfaces frequently in order to slow the spread of viruses. Luckily, Modern Office’s chair slipcovers are machine-washable, so cleaning them whenever you need to is a quick and easy process.

2.    Prolong the Life of the Chair

After months or years of being sat on, the surface of the chair seat may get ripped or fade. By covering the surface of an office chair with a slipcover, you can extend the lifetime of the chair by avoiding premature scuffs and wear.

3.    Aesthetic Changes Are Quick and Simple

Modern Office has office chair slipcovers available in a variety of colors, including red, gray, orange, and green. If you want to change your office’s aesthetic, you can use slipcovers of different colors to do so instead of buying new chairs. You can do this on a seasonal basis if you choose—for example choosing black covers for the winter months and orange covers for the summer.  Or you can quickly change your chairs to match your company colors.  These simple color changes can make your office environment feel fresh more often, boosting morale.

4.    Let Employees Work Comfortably

Some chair surfaces are not very relaxing. For example, you may have chairs that have plastic seats that are sticky and that employees find uncomfortable to sit on. Alternatively, your chair surfaces could be scratchy or cold. Using a slipcover on your office chair surfaces will make the seats more comfortable due to the smooth polyester fabric.

5.    Fit a Diverse Selection of Chairs

Because the chair slip covers are stretchy, they are easy to fit to a variety of differently sized chairs. Once the cover is on a chair surface, you can tighten it for a secure fit with the built-in drawstring. This feature is great because it ensures that you can use the chair slipcovers you buy for a number of different chairs, so you won’t need to have one uniform size or shape for the chairs in your office in order to use slipcovers on all of them.

If you’re looking for that extra layer of protection to make sure that your office chairs last longer and are comfortable for your employees to sit on during office hours, check out the slipcovers at Modern Office today.

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