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An Alternative to Office Chair Casters.

Have you noticed how swivel chairs on TV news or talk shows don’t have casters? The reason is to keep the chairs from rolling so that the interviewer and guests can’t move out of the view of the camera. This also keeps the set looking neat and balanced.

Instead of casters, the chairs have stationary glides to keep them in place.

Office Chair Glide

Office Chair Glide

The same idea also applies to offices. You can use stationary glides to keep your conference room looking organized and reduce the disarray of chairs haphazardly rolling around the room. Or, you can form a small meeting area in a corner of your reception room or office with a pair of stationary swivel chairs on each side of an end table. A stationary swivel chair stays in place, yet it allows you to turn and converse.

There are many additional reasons why users may need a stationary office chair without casters or wheels. Factory and production workers performing detailed tasks need to remain steady while they work. Employees at counter height benches and drafting tables want drafting stools that will stay in place. Older people may prefer the steadiness of a stationary chair when sitting down or exiting the chair.

Modern Office now has stationary chair glides to convert most of our office chairs into stationary chairs. Call us at 1-800-443-5117 for more information.

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