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Best Practices for Cubicles

As the trend of open office spaces continues to rise, so does the number of workers who call their cubicle home every day. It’s crucial to plan the layout and design of your office cubicles to create a cohesive office look. You want the layout of your cubicles to inspire productivity, increase privacy, and create a space where employees are excited to do their best work. Keep these design ideas in mind when you are designing your office space with cubicles.

Functional Cubicle Layout

Just because your office space has cubicles doesn’t mean it still can’t be an open and creative workplace. When you are planning where to place your cubicles, think about where the most noise and collaboration is. You want to strategically place your cubicle workspaces away from loud areas such as the entrance or near the break room. Pick a quiet place where employees can focus and are free from distraction. Similarly, consider purchasing cubicles that are customizable to give you the most functionality to fit your office needs. Modern Office has a wide variety of custom cubicles with various panel heights, widths, and stylish matching accessories to choose from.

Cohesive Color Palette

Your office is likely the first impression of your company that clients and potential customers and employees see. It’s essential to create a coherent office look to put your most professional foot forward from the first glance. Create a cohesive color scheme that balances a professional look with an inviting and encouraging design. Different colors can even have different effects on employees on a subconscious level and can impact how they think or feel when they are in a particular room. Don’t choose any colors that are too bright as it can be distracting to employees’ focus daily. Additionally, encourage employees to decorate their cubicles with items and pictures that inspire their creativity. It can be helpful to have a standard for decorations so that the cubicle spaces have elements of personal design but still are appropriate for your overall office image.

Encourage Productivity

When designing your cubicle layout, you want your employees to feel productive and organized. It’s important to give your employees all the tools they need to do their best work. When designing cubicle workstations, include accessories that boost productivity such as filing cabinets, paper organizers, pencil holders, and even charging stations. Create a clean place to do work with an emphasis on organization, so employees feel prepared and eager to get working. Additionally, a modern trend in cubicle office spaces is designing the office layout by teams. Consider placing cubicles in a team-based layout where the organization is grouped near their team to promote collaboration and communication.

Modern Office Custom Cubicles

Modern Office has the functional cubicle options that your office needs. Our wide selection offers customizable features to guarantee you find what you’re looking for. We are happy to help you select the style that fits with your current office layout. Contact us today to start designing your office space with practical and functional custom cubicles.

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