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Creating An Ergonomic Workspace At Home

Whether you’re a teacher or a tech executive, you’re probably working from home a lot more these days, and your need for a comfortable office space in the house has never been greater. Since no one knows exactly when we’ll all be able to return to our usual work environments, it’s important to invest in…

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Why Is Ergonomic Office Furniture Important for Your Employees?

From teachers to tech executives, most employees can agree that being comfortable while working is imperative to a successful day. While each individual may have their own idea of what comfort looks like in their workplace, one thing is for sure: ergonomic furniture like chairs and desk accessories is always greatly appreciated. Let’s take a…

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5 Essential Ergonomic Accessories

People who spend their entire workdays sitting down are at risk. Too much time sitting down can contribute to many health issues, including arthritis, dementia, heart disease, osteoporosis, and more. Using the right office chair goes a long way toward reducing these risks, but that’s just the first step you can take to improve health…

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Alternative Uses for Doctors’ Stools

Doctors’ Stools from Modern Office Furniture If you’re looking for convenience, comfort, and mobility, doctors’ stools from Modern Office Furniture provide a fusion of the three. But these highly adjustable and portable stools can be used by much more than just healthcare professionals. Medical examination stools can be essential in a lab environment, for at-home…

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Reasons You Should Purchase an Ergonomic Chair

  Do you have back pain from sitting in your chair at work for hours a day? A new ergonomic chair at work can help you focus better, improve your productivity, and reduce your back pain. Ergonomic chairs are designed to allow you to sit in comfort for long stretches of time and adjust the…

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