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Creating An Ergonomic Workspace At Home

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Whether you’re a teacher or a tech executive, you’re probably working from home a lot more these days, and your need for a comfortable office space in the house has never been greater. Since no one knows exactly when we’ll all be able to return to our usual work environments, it’s important to invest in furniture that will be kind to your body and help you stay productive in the meantime. To do that, you need to create an ergonomic workspace at home.

If you work from home, ergonomics are just as important now as they were in the office. Read on for some home office ergonomics tips that could make a big difference to your health and your productivity.

Ergonomic Furniture Basics

The term “ergonomic furniture” describes desk setups, chairs, and accessories designed to help humans function in a comfortable way, alleviating issues that can result from sitting in the same spot and typing at a computer for hours on end. An ergonomic workspace should relieve pain in the neck, back, and joints and support the spine in a natural manner. These specialized furniture items prioritize functionality and usability over aesthetic (although they typically still look great in any home office), encouraging movement, enhancing the natural flow of the human body, and reducing stress on muscles, joints, and bones.

Tips for Designing an Ergonomic Home Office

Start with the right desk. With the right ergonomic desk setup at home, you can see and reach everything you need to get your work done without putting any strain on your body. Many ergonomic desks are also easily height-adjustable, so you can move from sitting to standing positions throughout the workday.

A great ergonomic desk setup will also include an ergonomic keyboard platform to account for pressure points that can develop from typing for long periods of the day. A computer monitor arm will help you put your monitor into comfortable viewing positions as you sit, stand, or move to another side of your desk. Don’t forget an ergonomic footrest to encourage good posture from the bottom up. With a set of adjustable accessories, you can create a custom ergonomic workspace at home that fits your body type perfectly.

Last but certainly not least, you need a quality ergonomic chair. A good chair should be comfortable enough to sit in for hours but rigid enough to keep you from slouching, and it will have adjustable backs and armrests. Many ergonomic chairs come with headrests as well.

Why Investing in Ergonomic Furniture Is Good for You

As mentioned above, ergonomic principles offer a slew of health benefits. Using ergonomic furniture is a relatively modern trend that mitigates the issues old-fashioned office furniture did not address, specifically the neck, back, and wrist problems that come with spending at least eight hours a day sitting and typing. In addition to improving and protecting your health for the duration of your career, an ergonomic workspace will make you better able to concentrate and take care of tasks efficiently. From improving your mood to increasing productivity, an ergonomic work-from-home office setup may be exactly what you need to get the most out of remote working. The Modern Office team would be happy to help you find your ideal ergonomic chair and desk setup, so please contact us when you’re ready to start looking.

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