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Options Available with Custom Office Furniture

custom executive office deskCustom office furniture gives you the freedom to design an office tailored to both your professional needs and personal aesthetic. Create the office of your dreams with custom office desks, tables, cabinets, and workstations that can be altered to fit any room or reception area.

Custom Colors

Modern Office can provide a large selection of desks, tables, and cabinets with customizable color options. Our Executive Desk and Wall Unit Package, for example, can be finished in over 25 colors, including mahogany, bleached oak, oiled cherry, black, white, grey, and hazelnut. Different parts of desks can be tailored too—if you want the desktop one color and its sides a different color, we can make that happen.

Custom Sizes

Furniture size can also be altered. Reception desks can be made larger or smaller depending on the size of your waiting room. Remove certain sections if you find they’re not useful or just wrong for the space.

Desks are similarly customizable, with removable features and storage units that can be added when you need them. Add a hutch or wardrobe cabinet if you simply have too many books, binders, and papers to keep track of. If you want a clean and minimalist look instead, take away all the extra features for simple functionality.

We’re also happy to customize office furniture according to your own unique design. Simply fax or email us a sketch of the desk, workstation, or reception area of your choice with your preferred dimensions and we’ll respond with our customized proposal.

Custom Features

Make your office or reception area more functional with power modules designed to improve communication. Pop-up power outlets can be attached to your executive or reception desks so you stay charged 24/7. Phone, stereo, USB, and VGA inserts are also available if you need to stay connected for work, and hutch task lights are available for extra visibility and warmth.

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