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Unique Uses for Display Cases for Your Business

Display cases have a variety of uses perfect for highlighting your company’s achievements, products, and projects in a professional way. Your organization’s lobby will stand out to clients and potential employees with an organized and eye-catching display case that speaks to your professional accomplishments and valuable work.

It’s important to think about the space where you plan to use your display case to choose the appropriate sizes, finishes, materials, lighting, and colors that will make your business’ proudest moments stand out. Consider these display case ideas for unique, elegant ways of displaying your company’s accomplishments.

Showcase Awards and Achievements

Draw attention to your company’s achievements by presenting them in a stylish display case for anyone who enters the office to see. When your company wins an award or reaches a milestone, showing it off in your office is a great way to highlight your success and professionalism as an organization. Displaying certificates and accomplishments in your office allows customers to recognize your experience and ability to get results, and potential employees will see that your organization is a great place to work. Display cases are the perfect place to put monumental medals and trophies that highlight your teams’ hard work and success.

Display Products

Display cases are an effortless way to present and promote your products. Strategically placed cases filled with your products can catch the attention of potential customers without the need for a sales pitch. Showcase the history of your products by telling a story. Display the older models first, then show the gradual progression to your current designs. You can also demonstrate your innovation by including blueprints and prototypes for your core products. Group similar product categories together in the same case or on the same shelf to discourage people from rearranging them when they’re browsing.

Present Previous Projects

Put your best foot forward when you highlight the campaigns and projects that led to the greatest successes in your organization. If your marketing team created a standout project that led to measurable client success, place the campaign booklet in a display case where visitors can easily pick it up and read the details. Highlight your sales team’s winning year by displaying their sales proposals and success strategies. Display cases are also a great place to present sales materials, such as brochures, pamphlets, or infographics that further explain why your company is the industry expert.

Get Professional Display Cases from Modern Office!

Modern Office has a wide variety of display cases with professional finishes and durable designs to feature your company’s successes. You’ll attract new customers and potential employees alike by showcasing your achievements in a beautiful and customizable display case. We are happy to help you select the style and color to match your existing office decor. Contact us today to begin sharing your achievements in a stylish display case from Modern Office.

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