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Glass Office Furniture Increases in Popularity

Glass Top Conference Table

Glass Top Conference Table

Another popular trend at the 2013 NeoCon convention was glass furniture. Glass or Lucite was used in conference tables, reception desks, office desks, accent tables, marker boards, and even chairs.

Glass top conference tables have always been popular and were exhibited extensively this year. Some of the newly introduced designs will reinforce that popularity. Glass top conference tables are the ultimate in contemporary elegance and provide a feeling of open space, plus they coordinate with any furniture. A small glass top conference table is also ideal for use as a simple writing desk.

“Floating glass” (also known as “elevated glass”) was used on many reception desk counters to create a distinctive airy look. Glass is a perfect writing surface for use on a counter.

Glass coffee and end tables were popular at this year‘s convention. They solve a problem for those who have difficulty finding accent tables that coordinate with their reception chairs. They work with just about any style or color.

Glass dry-erase boards are the new contemporary alternative to melamine or porcelain marker boards, and this year they were everywhere. Their clean frameless design improves the look of any conference room. Their surfaces don’t smudge and are easy to clean.

Lucite or acrylic chairs and other “ghost furniture” can help to make a space feel more spacious. Their transparency allows you to emphasize other pieces of furniture in the room. They were seen this year more than any other year.

Glass has joined other materials such as wood, laminate, and steel to create some interesting office furniture designs. Modern Office is always here to answer any of your office furniture questions at 1-800-443-5117

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