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How to Create an Inspiring Reception Room

L Shaped Modern Office Reception Desk

A reception room can communicate the values of a business or an organization to potential clients and guests. This is achieved by carefully crafting a multisensory experience that communicates the level of expertise and attention to detail the company provides in their services. Beyond the lighting, acoustics, signage and other marketing collateral in a reception area, the choices in furniture and accessories are an extension of the company communicated through the senses of sight and touch.

Reception Desks

The reception desk at your business targets your visitors’ sense of sight, and it heightens an individual’s perception of your organization. Depending on your business and the services it provides, reception desks should be chosen according to the dimensions of the room and function to ensure employees are comfortable and confident when greeting potential clients and guests. Modern Office carries a wide selection of reception desks that come in white, black, natural wood tones, and metal combinations. If your business deals with the medical or beauty industry, white reception desks are an ideal choice because they communicate to guests and clients hygiene and cleanliness. If your business deals with legal, financial, or high-end services, choose a traditional reception desk  like the Governor Reception U-Desk that is made out of wood veneers and is finished with mold trimmings.

Sofas and Chairs

The seating arrangement in your company’s reception room targets the senses of touch and sound as the client or guest comes into contact with upholstery materials. These senses are triggered and heightened when you choose leather sofas and chairs in your company’s reception room. Choosing leather reception seating communicates to your client’s professionalism and sophistication, which is an important factor if the service or product is at a higher price point in the market. Modern Office carries a wide selection of leather sofas and chairs in various styles. For a more modern aesthetic and feel, choose the Modular Reception Bench Seating that can accommodate office spaces with small or large floor plans. Choosing leather modular seating gives you the option to change the layout of reception seating often – to provide a new experience for your clients every time they visit your office space.

Display Cases

Display cases are a great way to draw the attention of visitors by communicating the values of an organization. Display cases can be used to tell the visual story of the company by incorporating special awards, company historical artifacts, and even current products. Modern Office carries a wide selection of display cases that are made out of durable laminates and woods, and incorporate thick glass and metal finishes. To create a custom visual company story, choose the Heritage Trophy Display case that can be customized using wood stains like maple or dark espresso.

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