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How to Organize Your Desk for Greater Efficiency

Everyone has different styles and methods for getting work done. While some are overwhelmed or distracted by the slightest bit of disorder, others can work breezily surrounded by a mess. Regardless of your style or preference, having an organized workspace is guaranteed to increase productivity, not to mention comfort and peace of mind.

Here are some ideas for how to organize your desk at work to create and maintain an efficient, productive workspace.

Take Stock of What You Have

It makes sense that your desk would become a somewhat careless repository for everything that passes through your hands on a given workday. It doesn’t take long for that clutter to pile up, and chances are, most of it isn’t necessary, useful, or in the correct spot. Desk organization tip number one: Go through each item on your desk and either keep it, toss it, or put it back in its intended location. Keep only what is absolutely necessary for your productivity on your desk.

Reserve Some Empty Space

While it’s tempting to utilize all the space on your desk, try to carve out a section that will stay completely free of objects or papers. This gives you a clean, blank space to actively write, sign documents, or keep something important that needs to stay top-of-mind in a given moment. If you’re having trouble finding enough storage space to keep a portion of your desk empty, get a paper organizer or portable drawer to store items.

Cut Down on Clutter

Organized clutter is still clutter. Having a ton of objects and paperwork on your desk, even if they’re essential, can still be visually distracting. Filing cabinets and drawers are a great way to organize paperwork and store it safely out of sight. Designated organizers and storage spaces can also ensure that you don’t lose important documents. Make a habit of immediately storing papers in their proper spot so you always know where to find them.

Make the Space Your Own

Many office workers comfort and motivate themselves by keeping personal objects on their desk, like pictures or inspirational quotes. Putting one or two picture frames on your desk or a sticky note on your computer shouldn’t get in the way of your productivity. A bulletin board is another great solution for keeping personal notes and photos off of your desk.

Keep It Clean

What’s better than an organized desk? A clean and organized desk! Once you’ve kicked the clutter, make sure you wipe down your desk, keyboard, monitor, mouse, phone, and other objects with cleaning fluids or sanitizing wipes. This will not only improve your peace of mind and productivity but keep you safe and healthy as well. Like these office desk organization ideas? Browse through our selection of our office furniture for more organization ideas for your work or home office. With the right combination of comfort, function, and style, you can set yourself and/or your employees up for guaranteed success.

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