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The Importance of Antimicrobial Furniture

Fremont 2-Seater chairs with shared center arm

One way that viruses spread is through physical contact, not just with another person, but with surfaces as well. To prevent the spread of infection in an office environment, it’s a good idea to invest in furniture that is antimicrobial, meaning it destroys and prevents the growth of harmful microorganisms. Antimicrobial office furniture is made with materials that can be easily wiped down and sanitized, minimizing the transmission of disease particles.

Modern Office carries a variety of antimicrobial office chairs and tables and reception furniture with antimicrobial vinyl. Learn more about the types of furniture you can get to protect your entire office.

Antimicrobial Office Chairs

The surface areas where people sit are likely vectors for spreading infectious particles. If someone sits in their desk chair while at their computer, then goes to the break room and sits in a different chair while eating, they will spread germs from one seat to another and vice versa when they return to their desk after lunch.

The same problem occurs with chairs in conference rooms. If many different people sit in them in meetings throughout the day, germs will spread through the office quickly. However, if the furniture is antimicrobial, multiple people using it poses less of a health risk. Just make sure to clean office furniture with antimicrobial surfaces regularly—it isn’t just hard metal or plastic surfaces that can be wiped down safely.

In addition to desk and conference room chairs, Modern Office sells antimicrobial lounge chairs for relaxation areas, two-seat chairs for the reception room, five-seat chairs for high-traffic waiting rooms, and backless or backed swivel chairs.

Antimicrobial Tables

While sitting at a table, it’s difficult not to come into physical contact with its surface. When setting down papers or simply resting your arms, infectious microorganisms can be transmitted from your skin to the table surface, and vice versa. Since the top of a table is a high-touch surface area, it’s important to be able to clean it off easily.

Modern Office has tables designed with antimicrobial material that will not wear off, scratch, or reduce in effectiveness after washing. The antimicrobial material is not a coating—it’s molded to the table, so it can’t be removed or worn away. You can equip your whole office with all kinds of antimicrobial furniture, including multipurpose folding tables, end tables, coffee tables, and tables with adjustable heights.

Sneeze Guards

Even the most health-conscious people can’t stop themselves from sneezing and coughing around others now and then. Sneeze guards are an excellent way to keep airborne particles from spreading between your employees. You can drastically reduce incidences of airborne infections in your office by creating a physical barrier between desks or other work areas. Modern Office has acrylic sneeze guards that can be easily wiped down throughout the day. They’re available in different shapes and sizes, so you should be able to find a good solution for every desk and common area in your workspace.

We’re entering an era where society as a whole is more likely to be conscious of germs and sanitation than previous generations. Antimicrobial office furniture will play an essential part in making everyone feel comfortable to work in an office again.

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